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Introducing the Randolph County FRN

What is the FRN and how can it help me?

The Randolph County Family Resource Network provides helpful information to it’s members and the communities through:

Assistance in seeking Community and
          Countywide Providers

Collaboration with State and County Providers
          to ensure proper services are being provided

Provide a place to share information

Identify Families' unmet needs

Provide and ongoing link for families to community services

The FRN staff and Board of Directors are consistently working to advocate for the interests
of families and to provide communications and other possibilities for Randolph County.


The Randolph County Family Resource Network (FRN)

is made up of family representatives, community volunteers,
and local, state, and federal agencies, such as clubs, churches, and business. Everyone is welcome to join at no cost.

Agencies work together to solve problems that are bigger than any one agency. Family members share their frustrations and insights with the "system" and work to improve services for others.

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