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History of the Randolph County Family Resource Network

For many years, employees of local social service agencies met monthly to exchange information about their services and share ideas. This was and continues to be a useful way for agency staff to learn about community resources and opportunities available for the children and families they serve.

In 1995, the Interagency Council was reorganized as a Family Resource Network under the title of Randolph County Community Alliance. The membership was broadened to include interested citizens outside the social service delivery system and families that used publicly funded health and community needs from a broad perspective.

In the Spring of 1996, the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families formally recognized the Randolph County Family Resource Network. The FRN assessed local needs and resources and was in the process of assembling a local plan of action to address these needs. Funding for this project was given by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.

In more recent years funding has been awarded to the FRN from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPFSIG). This funding is used to further build the Randolph County America’s Promise Coalition, and allows the FRN to branch into the outlying areas of Randolph County and assist with the fight against substance abuse. Other projects include the Randolph County Tobacco Coalition which is funded by two Tobacco Control Prevention Grants, and the Randolph County Partners in Prevention Team funded by the WV Children’s Fund.

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